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Camilo Pardo Ford GT Rally 7 - Heritage

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Created as the official event artwork for Ford GT National Rally 7, this is a custom silkscreen with hand painting by Ford GT Chief Designer Camilo Pardo. 

Gulf Blue and Orange with hand painted white, silver, and orange with hand painted roundels on archival paper.  Unframed.

Edition of 7

Signed and Numbered by the Artist



The art that Camilo Pardo has created over the years is all over Detroit. A considerable amount of it is present on our freeways at any given moment of the day. Most recognized for his design work on the Ford GT, Camilo put verve in the steel curves and reminded us that a car's first internal combustion takes place in an artist's mind. The car's external beauty is born there as well. That mind has not ceased from creative labors, even if they're no longer entirely devoted to Motor City mojo.

Camilo's paintings and drawings speak to both his love for linear perfection and his fascination for the manner in which those lines deliver aesthetic satisfaction to the viewer. His works genuinely seem to move and they are energized by what is obviously a rich understanding and respect for popular culture and traditional disciplines. In less talented hands, such a seeming contradiction of forces would negate the best efforts. Camilo makes them reconcile, complement each other and dance together.