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GTG 2017+ Ford GT Aero Tunnel Protection Screens

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OUT OF STOCK ~1/09/18

For 2017+ Ford GTs.

Easy to install and remove with just two bolts.  Creates a protection boundary for your 2017+ Ford GT door and rear panels from stone and debris damage.  Prevents the majority of small stones thrown by the ultra sticky Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires from being rocketed through the aero tunnel opening and down the side of your Ford GTs door.  


This product is intended as a road debris and paint damage protection enhancement.  It is NOT intended for high speed use.  Aerodynamic properties of the 2017 GT at greater than U.S road legal speeds are altered with the use of this screen and the subsequent reduction in airflow.  Purchase and installation of this product indicates that the user understands this and assumes all responsibility for changes in aerodynamic properties and handling at above U.S road legal speeds.  NOT FOR TRACK USE.